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Pavel Khlopovskiy grew up in Moscow in a family of musicians. His father was a respected concert solo guitarist, and his mother was a guitar teacher. At the age of 6, Pavel began his musical journey as a pianist at the Youth Music School. He also started learning the guitar for fun on the side, though not consistently, as he initially did not aspire to become a professional guitarist. It was only at the age of 13, inspired by the recordings of the Spanish guitarist Andrés Segovia, that Pavel began to practice more diligently. At that time, he dreamt of being part of the famous Segovia school. Two years later, in 1990, Pavel successfully passed the entrance exam as a guitarist at the Music College of the Moscow Conservatory. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Pavel seized the first opportunity to travel to Germany. He studied at the University of Music in Lübeck under the guidance of Prof. A. Aigner and at the University of Music in Karlsruhe with Prof. Andreas von Wangenheim, who had a significant musical influence on him. Finally, he managed to realize his dream. He was admitted to the master class of the legendary guitar teacher Oscar Ghiglia, a former student and assistant of Segovia, at the Basel Music Academy. In 2005, he graduated from there with distinction. Pavel Khlopovskiy has won several awards at prestigious competitions, including the 1st prize at the Concorso Internationale di Interpretazione Musicale in Gargnano, Italy, and the Tokyo International Guitar Competition. Currently, Pavel resides in the Karlsruhe area as a freelance guitarist and educator. He leads multiple ensembles and plucked string orchestras and is an active member of the Bund deutscher Zupfmusiker (Association of German Plucked String Musicians). Due to his interest in contemporary music, Pavel Khlopovskiy collaborates with various contemporary composers. His work with the Karlsruhe composer Boris Yoffe and Sofia Gubaidulina is particularly noteworthy, as he has had the privilege of premiering and recording their works.

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